TRIPPER is or was a German group of independent young Artist foundet in 2009. The contemporary work moves between radical realism and shocking art. Currently it is represented by van Icon.

TRIPPER was founded as an independent artist collective by  Marstwo, Martin Dziallas and van Icon during 2009 in Potsdam/GER. The idea was to do a single exhibition because of the common keynote but different scripts. Basic themes are ordinary stuff most viewers know about but won't see. Quite simple: radical realism. Themes like disability, child rape, drugs, fetish, trimming toenails, furbys, and so on has been represented like trivial pop. 

Marstwo and van Icon continued the concept and focused on disability and childish "fuck you" attitude with its external destruction.
At 6th August in 2010 Marstwo and van Icon opened their LIVABLE exhibition at the international TEMPORARY ART ZONE in Potsdam. After they got the Best Award on a local art competition they were invited as local newcomer artists: The motto was ARTISTS AND THEIR IDOLS.  

In opposition to the other represented artists TRIPPER professed disabled life-form to their idols. During the opening van Icon got knocked by a guest because of wearing a skinhead hoodie. It doesn't matter because you can also open an exhibition with a bloody face. With more than 300 quests at the opening the exhibition was fixed at the age up to 18 by press. 

After this TRIPPER was invited for the "Apokalypse" exhipition at galery FANGO in Cottbus GER. The exhibition was only for adults and focused intensive on premeditated destruction of innocent subjects. The show was just ordinary with the illustration of escalations by religion, pollution, violation and pre-violation. Pop did trivial food labels... TRIPPER did trivial behavior.